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Upcoming Events in Blackpool  

1 and 2 May 2016

Sarah Millican - Outsider 

Opera House 

 In the past when you put Sarah Millican outside, she asked things like: ?Why? Where is the taxi? Do I need a cardie?? and said things like: There will be wasps.  I have nothing to sit on. Is that poo? Can we go home??

But things have changed. Now she has outside slippers. She can tell a chaffinch from a tit (hey). But she still can not tell if it is an owl or her husband?s asthma.

Sarah Millican is venturing outside. Bring a cardie.

15 May - 2016

The Proclaimers

Grand Theatre

They have carved a niche for themselves where pop, folk, new wave and punk collide as the emotional honesty, political fire, wit and sing-along raucousness of their songs and their extensive touring has enlightened and entertained fans new and old.